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Top 5 Pre Filled Vape Cartridges in 2019

Gabi Antunes

Aug 23, 2019

The portability, simplicity, and versatility of vaping are central to its growing appeal, traits enhanced by the introduction of pre-filled cartridges. Available in varying strains and concentrations, pre-filled cannabis vape cartridges eliminate the need to fill chambers; the process is as easy as attaching the cartridge to a device and turning the device on.

Pre-filled vape cartridges offer an accessible and cost-effective way to vape, and they offer experienced vapers a mobile and discreet alternative to the more complex and stationary vaping devices. Dive into the world of pre-filled vape cartridges with this guide to popular pre-filled vape cartridge products.

What is a Pre-filled Cartridge?

Pre-filled cartridges are receptacles, often made from glass and tipped with a plastic or metal mouthpiece, designed to contain a small amount of cannabis or hemp CBD oil, typically between .5mL and 1mL. These small cartridges are highly portable and discreet. Moreover, they require little, if any, prep before a session or clean-up after a session. No matter your preference, you can find a cartridge that meets your expectations, as many strains are available in pre-filled cartridge form.

Most pre-filled cartridges are designed with a standard 510 thread, which means they can be screwed into any device that shares the same threading. These are known as “open systems” and are a standard throughout the cannabis and hemp CBD industries. Other cartridges, called “closed systems,” have more specialized designs. For example, the PAX Era is designed to work with pre-filled pods made specifically for that device.

What are the Advantages of Pre-filled Cartridges?

Whether you use an open system or a closed system, pre-filled cartridges and pods are key to a simpler, quicker, and cleaner cannabis or hemp CBD vaporization session, but only in states where inhalation of these products is allowed.

Pre-filled vape cartridges offer an unparalleled ease of use. For most cartridges, the process for vaping is straightforward: screw the cartridge into the device, power on the device, and press a button to heat the heating element located inside the cartridge. Some models don’t even have an on/off button, requiring you to insert the pod and inhale to activate the device.

In addition to their simplicity, pre-filled cartridges don’t make a mess. Unlike loading oil into a vaporizer, pre-filled cartridges are not likely to leave behind residue inside your device.
Finally, using a vaporizer with a pre-filled cartridge makes it easy to have a quick session. Even if you only want to take a single puff and then put your vape pen away, it’s as simple as powering off your device and placing it back in your pocket or bag, or even just putting it away if your button does not have an on/off button. The unused oil will remain in the cartridge until you use it again.

The Disadvantages of Pre-filled Cartridges

Pre-filled cartridge vape pens restrict your sessions to cannabis oil. Using a cartridge vape pen means that even if you have other material available, you can’t use it. More versatile vaporizers, such as the PAX 3, make it easy to quickly switch between materials, including flower and concentrates. If you prefer a more varied session, consider going with a portable vaporizer instead.

How to Choose a Pre-filled Vape Pen

First and foremost, do your research. Ensure that the manufacturer is a reputable source of high-quality products before making your purchase. You can do this by reading customer reviews of the products you are considering and reviewing any third-party testing that has been performed.

Next, you need to make sure the cartridges you are considering are compatible with your device. If you have a 510 thread vape pen , then you need a 510 cartridge. If you are using a pod vape, then you need the authorized, branded pods compatible with that device.

Once you have checked the quality of the product in question and confirmed compatibility of the cartridges you are considering, you should find out what types of cannabis oil are available. Weigh this against your desired vape experience. Don’t be afraid to try out different brands of pre-filled cartridges, as well as different types of oils. It might take some time before you find your favorites, but that’s alright. Vaping is often about identifying the things you want out of a session and then learning which materials best support those priorities.

Popular Pre-filled Vape Cartridges and Pods

There are so many pre-filled cartridges and pods available in legal cannabis markets today it can be hard to choose. If you find that the sheer number of brands is making your head spin, you could start with these to see if they’re right for you:

  • PAX Era: PAX Era pods are pre-filled with cannabis oil and easily inserted into the Era device. Each pod contains a dual-wick design intended to capture every drop of oil. The device itself enables temperature, flavor, and potency control and requires very little cleaning or maintenance. The PAX mobile application offers fine-tuning of temperature to the degree and enables safety features such as a device lock so others cannot use it. Pods are available from more than 250 extract partners and include oils derived from more than 50 strains of cannabis.
  • Humboldt Farms: Humboldt Farms is a prominent California-based brand well-known for using a solvent-less process to extract the cannabis oils for its cartridges. The company focuses on preserving a large amount of the terpenes naturally found inside the source plant, controlling flavor and potency. Humboldt Farms makes both 510 thread cartridges and pre-filled pods.
  • Rove: Rove is a manufacturer of standard 510 thread pre-filled cartridges made from Pyrex glass and stainless steel, featuring a ceramic heating element and unique air channel system that provides enhanced airflow. They feature a dual-coil heating element and unique mouthpiece design intended to increase air flow. Rove uses liquid carbon dioxide in the extraction process to preserve terpenes and protect the flavor of the oil.
  • The Clear: The Clear is one of the first manufacturers to produce cannabis oil distillate cartridges. Distillate is further refined after the extraction process to focus on a single compound, such as a cannabinoid like Cannabidiol (CBD). The company makes pre-filled cartridges that are compatible with a standard 510 thread vape pen battery.
  • Select: Select is a California-based top selling pre-filled cartridge manufacturer that creates full spectrum cannabis oil. Its process is unique in that it distills extracts and then reintroduces the natural terpenes to create an oil that retains the flavors and aromas of the source cultivar even after distillation. In addition to marijuana-derived products, Select manufactures a hemp CBD line called Select CBD.

These are just some of the most popular pre-filled cartridges available in legal cannabis markets today. The cannabis industry is highly fragmented with different brands scattered from state to state, so be sure to investigate your local legal cannabis market to see what brands best suit your desired vape experience.

Pre-filled Cartridges Offer Simplicity and Variety

Pre-filled cartridges are useful options for vapers who like an easy experience that requires little clean-up or maintenance. Luckily, pre-filled cartridges also come in a wide variety, meaning you will be able to find the right product for your desired experience no matter your personal preferences. Their compact size, mobility, and discretion makes them a great choice for those consumers who like to keep a low profile as well. Whatever your reasons, pre-filled cartridges can streamline your sessions while improving your experience.