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Pod System Vape Starter Guide

Gabi Antunes

Jul 17, 2019

Simple, clean, and discreet, pod system vapes certainly have their place. These devices are usually extremely simplistic in their design and easy to use. Pre-filled or refillable pods eliminate the need for loading your cannabis material like other vaporizers, and provide low-level vapor production. Let’s take a look at pod vapes and how they differ from other vaporizers, as well as the pros and cons of a pod system.

How are pod vapes different from other vaporizers?

Pod vapes are relatively simple devices, typically composed of a battery and a pod, which contains the cannabis material to be vaporized. These rechargeable vapes range from extremely simple in their features to more advanced; some pod vapes, like the PAX Era, can use Bluetooth® to connect to a mobile application and unlock added features like precise temperature control.

Pod vapes can be equipped with closed or open pods. Closed pods are disposable and pre-filled meant to be inserted and vaporized until depleted. Once empty, you can dispose of the closed pod according to instructions and insert a replacement. Open pods are reusable and designed to be filled with the cannabis concentrate of your choice.

The benefits of a pod vape

Pod vapes have a unique design and, as a result, also offer some unique benefits. If you’re looking for an easy to use and maintain, discreet, less expensive vaping device, then a pod vape is probably right for you. Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits a pod vape offers.

1. Pod vapes are intuitive

Perhaps the most notable feature of a pod vape is that it is highly intuitive. From charging the battery to inserting the pod, pod vapes are extremely straightforward devices that require virtually no learning curve to master. Most pod vapes are activated by inhalation, so it’s as simple as taking a draw on the mouthpiece to begin vaping. Others incorporate a one-button design that is commonly found on vape pens. Either way, pod vapes are easy to use from the very first time you pick one up.

2. Pod system vapes are more affordable

Most vape pod starter kits are more affordable than other vaporizers, offering you a more accessible way to vape compared to portable and desktop vaporizers. A typical vape pod starter kit runs between $20 and $50 and includes most of everything you need to get started, depending on what legal market you are in. Refillable packages of pods can cost anywhere from $10 to $30 and typically contain several pods per pack.

3. Pod vapes are discreet

Pod vapes are low-key devices as well, not only due to their compact size but their low levels of vapor production. Most pod vapes are the size of a pen or smaller, making them ultra-portable and easy to slip into a pocket or bag. The PAX Era, for example, stands at just 3.3″ tall, with a width of 0.72″ and depth of 0.4″. Most vape pods also produce far less vapor than their more powerful counterparts. Since many are activated by inhalation as well, it is easy to take smaller “sips” and reduce the vapor production even further.

4. Pod vapes are easy to maintain

One of the biggest pros of using a pod vape is that there is little to no maintenance or cleaning required. Other types of portable vaporizers require regular cleaning if you want to extend the lifespan and preserve the quality of your sessions. With pod vapes, you simply ensure your device is charged and refill or replace your pod when needed. There is no need for extensive maintenance or regular cleaning, making a pod vape a great choice to use or as a companion to a larger vape system.

Drawbacks of pod vapes

Of course, pod vapes also have their drawbacks. While they are well suited for simplicity, mobility, and affordability, there are certainly things pod vapes just cannot do.

1. Lower battery capacity

Pod vapes often have a limited battery capacity when compared to portable vaporizers, which causes them to deplete quickly. At lower battery levels, pod vapes generally do not perform as well. As a result, it’s important to often keep your charger on hand and regularly plug your pod vape in to ensure it is fully charged. Many pod vapes do not take very long to reach a full charge from a dead battery, usually requiring about an hour of charge time tops.

2. Low vapor production

Even when they are fully charged, pod vapes do not produce a large amount of vapor. While this is a benefit when it comes to discretion, it can also be a drawback for users who prefer large draws and big vapor clouds.

How to use a pod vape

If you decide a pod vape is for you, then you will have access to one of the most user-friendly vaporizers around today. Here’s a quick look at how to use a pod vape.

Step 1: Fully charge your device

Just like all other vaporizers, pod vapes require adequate power in order to function at their optimal level. To ensure your pod vape will perform properly, ensure your device is fully charged before using it for the first time. Some pod vapes need to be charged before use when they are first purchased. Simply plug in your charger, attach your device, and allow the battery to fully charge. For most pod vapes, this should take no longer than an hour. The PAX Era, for example, fully charges in just 45 minutes. Once your device is fully charged, it’s time to select the pod you’d like to vape.

Step 2: Insert the pod of your choice

There are a variety of pods to choose from in legal markets. Selecting which pod is right for you is a matter of personal preference and availability in your area.

Once you’ve selected your pod, simply insert it into your device. Most pods simply click in to the device seamlessly. Every pod includes the heating element needed to vaporize the material inside, so once your pod is snuggly inserted into your device, you’re ready to begin vaping.

Step 3: Draw on your pod vape

Most pod vapes are automatically activated when you draw on the mouthpiece. If your device is fully charged and the pod is inserted properly, inhaling should automatically begin the vaporization process. Some pod vapes come with a one-button functionality and require consumers to press down on the button to activate the vape. Either way, taking a draw from your pod vape is often relatively simple. When you’re done, place your pod vape back on its charger or store it somewhere cool, dry, and safe until your next use.

Pod system vapes maximize simplicity and discretion

Pod vapes are among the best products on the market for consumers who are looking for simplicity and discretion. There is no need to learn about extensive components or regularly clean a pod vape, nor do they draw a lot of attention by creating big vapor clouds. They can be easily stored in a pocket or bag. Best of all, pod vapes are among the most affordable vaporizers on the market today. If you’re interested in vaping without all the fuss and learning curve associated with other vapes, or if you just want a handy companion to your more advanced units, pod vapes might be for you.