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The 5 Best Vapes for Vapor Production in 2019

Gabi Antunes

Jul 31, 2019

Large vapor clouds are a desired part of the vaping experience for many, and many manufacturers have designed cannabis vaporizers with the right settings for impressive vapor production. Whether you prefer to vaporize dry herb or concentrates, there are many high-powered options on the market that can produce those highly-sought-after clouds. Here, we’ll review some of the leading vapes for clouds, and touch on some tips to help you get more vapor out of your cannabis material.

1. PAX 3

Released in November 2016, the PAX 3 is the first portable vaporizer from PAX compatible with both dry herb and concentrates. As one of the most versatile vapes out there, this conduction heating unit can be set for total discretion or to produce a great deal of vapor, depending on your circumstances and personal preference. It offers a temperature range of 360°F to 420°F, as well as a sizable oven of 0.35 grams, both of which can be leveraged to produce bigger clouds than most other portable cannabis vaporizers out there. The stainless steel vapor path is long enough to allow vapor to cool as it travels from the oven to the mouthpiece. Learn more about this device on our PAX 3 Review article.

When it comes to boosting vapor production, your best bet is connecting the PAX 3 to the PAX Mobile application, available on iOS and Android devices. Through the PAX Mobile application, you can adjust the device’s temperature in 1-degree increments. You can also choose one of five Dynamic Modes, which further customize your vape experience. One such setting, dubbed Boost Mode, is ideal for increasing vapor production. When you select Boost Mode, your device’s cooldown time between draws decreases to 1 minute instead of the default 20 seconds, supporting consistent and strong vapor production without sacrificing your ideal temperature.

2. MIGHTY (Storz and Bickel)

The MIGHTY is a large-yet-portable vaporizer from Storz and Bickel that uses both conduction and convection heating to vaporize materials. It supports the use of both dry herb and concentrates, with an oven that can hold as much as 0.2 grams at a time. A cooling unit at the top of the device brings down the temperature of the vapor before it enters the flip-style mouthpiece. The MIGHTY is somewhat larger than other vaporizers on the market, weighing in at 230 grams and standing 5.5″ tall, but it makes up for its bulky size with added power. That power significantly increases vapor production, enabling you to produce thick, dense clouds of vapor.

The MIGHTY is relatively easy to use. A prominent LED display on the body of the device shows the current temperature setting and battery life. On either side of the display, plus or minus buttons allow you to quickly change your temperature settings in single-degree increments. The MIGHTY’s temperature settings range from 104°F to 410°F, so its highest temperature is somewhat lower than other leading vaporizers; still, the power boost offered by its dual lithium-ion batteries results in sizable vapor production. Read our MIGHTY vs PAX 3 product comparison article.

3. Arizer Solo 2

The Arizer Solo 2 is a portable dry herb vaporizer that still packs a powerful punch despite its small size. The device heats quickly in about 30 seconds and displays the current temperature on a prominent LED display on the face of the device. Below the LED panel is a power button, flanked by buttons to quickly change your vape’s temperature in 1-degree increments. The device boasts a pure borosilicate glass vapor path and bowl, which helps to preserve vapor quality no matter how dense your clouds.

The Arizer Solo 2’s temperature settings range from 122°F to 428°F, allowing you to crank up the temperature to increase vapor production. The oven can hold up to 0.2 grams of dry herb material at any given time. To heat your material with the Arizer Solo 2, you must press and hold the up arrow. This manual heat-up process gives you more control over how much you heat your vapor, allowing you to produce the densest clouds possible. Be careful, though, because overheating material with a primarily-conduction vaporizer like the Arizer Solo 2 could result in combustion.

4. DaVinci IQ

Don’t let the DaVinci IQ’s small size fool you: this vaporizer can still pack a punch. The device offers a simplistic design without skimping on functionality. It includes a ceramic zirconia air path and a thin mouthpiece for pulling vapor through in dense draws. It can also be connected to a mobile application available for both iOS and Android devices to increase its functionality and help you increase vapor production to your liking.

The DaVinci IQ features a unique LED indicator on the body of the device, which displays the current temperature using an array of small, dotted lights. The device offers four preset temperatures across a range of 350°F to 430°F, allowing for considerable vapor production at the higher end of the range. It also includes three different functions: a Smart Path mode, a Precision mode, and a Boost mode. The DaVinci IQ’s Boost mode keeps your device at its top temperature, which is ideal for getting more vapor out of your material. The IQ uses conduction heating, though, so be careful not to heat your cannabis material too much. You might also like our piece comparing PAX 3 vs DaVinci.

5. Boundless CFX

The Boundless CFX is a larger, portable dry herb vaporizer that offers significant vapor production and a rapid heat-up time of about 20 seconds. The face of the device includes an LED display that shows current temperature setting across a broad range of 100°F to 430°F. It is a bulky vaporizer, weighing 207 grams and standing at 5″ tall. It also comes equipped with a significant oven capacity that can support up to a full gram of finely ground dry herb.

While the CFX is a dry herb vaporizer, Boundless offers concentrate pod accessories that can augment its capabilities. The device balances powerful performance with material conservation, entering into standby mode when a session is completed. Its rapid heat-up time allows you to exit standby mode and get back to your session quickly, producing large clouds as if you had never stopped vaping in the first place.

Tips to get bigger clouds out of your cannabis vaporizer

Regardless of which vaporizer you choose, there are a few things you can do to significantly increase vapor production. Abiding by these recommendations results not only in bigger clouds but often in higher vapor quality as well.

  1. Grind herb finely: Grinding your dry herb material well before use allows for more even heating and easier vaporization, both of which produce more vapor quickly.
  2. Pack your chamber properly: Under- or overpacking your oven will reduce the amount of vapor your device can produce. Not enough material will result in limited vapor production because there simply isn’t enough in the chamber, while overpacking it restricts airflow and prevents even heating.
  3. Use higher temperature settings: Generally, the higher the temperature setting, the more vapor your device will produce. If you’re after big clouds, ensure your device is set to the highest temperature possible. If a Boost Mode is available, select that as well to further increase vapor production.
  4. Keep your vape clean: A clean vape is a happy vape. Making sure that the oven, vapor path, and mouthpiece are clear and free of any residue or other impediments will allow for quick, seamless delivery of vapor, which is essential to creating dense clouds.
  5. “Prime” your vape: When you first turn your vape on, give it 20 to 30 seconds to heat up to its highest temperature setting. When you take a draw on a pre-heated vape, your material will more quickly and completely vaporize, helping you produce those dense clouds.

It can be difficult to get thick, dense clouds with a cannabis vaporizer, but it’s not impossible. If you select the right device, crank up the temperature setting, and select any Boost Mode that might be available, you will be well on your way to puffing a sizable cloud. Moreover, if you prepare your material properly, pack it well, and keep your vape clean, it will help you achieve big clouds and an ideal session. Every vape is unique, so don’t be afraid to experiment with the settings until you find the sweet spot for big vapor production.