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Best Vape Mods of 2019: Products Details & Review

Gabi Antunes

Aug 24, 2019

Personal vaporizers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the largest and most powerful of these mobile devices is the vape mod. These are the most advanced and customizable type of personal vaporizer, second in vapor production only to the immensely powerful desktop vaporizers. If you’re looking to upgrade from a one-setting vaporizer to a device that offers dozens of possibilities and true customization, a vape mod might be for you.

What is a Vape Mod?

Vape mods, also known as box mods or advanced personal vaporizers, are larger and more powerful than other small battery-powered vaporizers such as pen-style vapes or pod system vapes. Vape mods generally include a bigger battery, which supports a longer life and more powerful performance. Vape mods are also customizable, allowing you to swap out components at will so you can build the device you want.

Vape mods support increased vapor production and stronger hits as a result of their more advanced components. Most vape mods work with vape liquid, meaning if you want to consume cannabis you will need cannabis-infused liquid to fill its tank. Some box mods are usable with cannabis concentrates, but this often requires an additional attachment.

What is the Difference Between a Vape Mod and a Vape?

The biggest difference between a vape mod and a vape pen or portable vaporizer is its size and power. Vape mods tend to be physically larger than other devices, which is reflective of their longer battery life and enhanced vapor production capabilities. In addition, vape mods offer a level of customization that vape pens or portable vaporizer cannot hope to match. However, these benefits come with a higher price tag.

In addition to these tangible differences, vape mods also require a bit of experience to use properly. New adult vapers over 21 would likely do better with a more basic vape pen because vape mods offer additional settings that are not common to other devices. Moreover, since vape mods are customizable and can be significantly altered by changing pieces, familiarity with vaporizer components is essential to customizing your vape mod.

While vape mods generally provide these benefits over other types of devices, not all box mods are created equal. If you think a vape mod would suit your sessions well, you should consider several factors before choosing a device.

What Factors Determine a Good Vape Mod?

It can be difficult to select the right advanced personal vaporizer, especially if you haven’t delved into the world of vape mods before. Even for the experienced vaper, box mods represent a step up in terms of complexity, which makes the buying decision that much more difficult. These factors are central to making the right choice for your desired vape experience, so keep them in mind when comparing vape mods:

  • Battery: Battery life is among the most important considerations for a vape mod. Since the batteries are larger than those of vape pens or portable vaporizers, they generally last longer. These are significantly more powerful than the batteries in portable vaporizers, reaching upward of 10000mAh, the rough equivalent of three smartphones.
  • Power: Understanding the wattage capabilities of a vape mod can help you get an idea of how powerful it is in terms of vapor production. The higher the wattage, the bigger the cloud.
  • Resistance: The resistance of the heating element is measured in ohms. The lower the resistance, the hotter a heating element will get. Hotter heating elements vaporize more material quickly and create a warmer vapor. Sub-ohm vaping refers to the use of devices with less than 1 ohm of resistance.
  • Temperature control: Precise temperature control is important when vaping. Different materials have different boiling points, meaning you’ll want to adjust the temperature accordingly. Moreover, changing the temperature setting could emphasize different flavors and aromas, altering and potentially enhancing your vape experience.
  • Size: Vape mods can be bulky. While they are all generally portable, they don’t always fit well into a pocket or small bag. Consider mobility when making your decision by comparing the dimensions of each device.
  • Price: Balancing price with features is key to make sure you don’t overpay or buy an ineffective device. Most box mods range between $50 and $200, though the most advanced models will be even more expensive.

Keeping these factors in mind and prioritizing them based on your own personal preference will help you select the right device for you. Take your time and compare devices thoroughly; after all, a box mod is an investment in your future vape sessions.

Popular Vape Mods

It’s understandable that many people still find the prospects of choosing a vape mod daunting. Not only is it a crowded market, but there are so many custom options that can be difficult to decide which one is truly the best fit. These five vape mods are among the most popular and well-known on the market today and can serve as a jumping off point for you to begin your research.

  • GeekVape Aegis Solo: The GeekVape Aegis Solo is a compact, 100W vape mod. It is made of an aluminum alloy that is shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof. It takes a single 18650 (lithium ion) battery and comes with the Cerberus sub-ohm tank.
  • Vandy VapeSwell: The Vandy Vape X Tony B. Swell is a 188W vape mod that includes a dual high-amp 18650 battery pack and comes packaged with the SWELL sub-ohm tank. It comes in 11 different color options.
  • GeekVape Aegis Legend: The Legend is the more powerful cousin to the Solo. It offers a 200W power output and supports the use of 18650 lithium ion batteries. The Legend comes in a wide variety of colors.
  • VGod Elite Mech: The VGod Elite Mech offers a 510 thread hybrid connection and is powered by a single lithium ion battery. It features a gold plated copper contact, as well as a carbon fiber switch.
  • MigVapor WTF Sub 40 Mini Mod: The MigVapor WTF Sub 40 Mini Mod offers a temperature range of 200°F to 600°F. It is made from a zinc alloy and stainless steel and include over temperature protection, which helps ensure your device reaches your desired settings and then balances its functions to maintain that temperature.

Any of these vape mods are strong choices. However, you might prefer keeping things a little simpler without sacrificing some of the key features for which vape mods are known. If that’s your preference, consider upgrading to a portable vaporizer rather than a more complicated vape mod.

Portable Vaporizers Offer Simplicity and Functionality

Vape mods can be a lot to handle. Fortunately, for the vaper who is ready to upgrade from vape pens, portable vaporizers offer expanded functionality while keeping things relatively straightforward. Some portable vaporizers even make it easy to use a variety of materials, including dry herbs like cannabis flower or concentrated extracts such as wax. And while they are not as customizable as vape mods, portable vaporizers often come with a variety of bells and whistles that can help you achieve your optimal vape experience.

For example, the PAX 3 can handle flower or concentrates. To vaporize concentrates with the PAX 3, you simply need to insert the concentrate insert and swap out the oven lid for the half-pack oven lid. It also comes with flat or raised mouthpieces to suit your preference. In addition, the half-pack oven lid can be used to reduce the size of the oven for quicker sessions and material conservation.

As far as advanced features go, the PAX 3 can be controlled via your smartphone or tablet through the PAX Mobile application. PAX Mobile enables temperature control down to the precise degree, Session Control usage monitoring tools, and device personalization. Despite these more advanced features, the PAX 3 offers a low learning curve compared to the more complex vape mods.

Whichever type of device you choose, upgrading to a portable vaporizer or vape mod is an exciting moment for any vaper. More advanced devices offer improved control over your sessions, allowing you to tailor your vape experience specifically to your liking. Whether you opt for the customizable and powerful vape mod or the accessible and feature-rich portable vaporizer, you’ll be able to take your vape experience to the next level.