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Best 510 Thread Battery: What Makes a Good Vape Battery?

Gabi Antunes

Sep 6, 2019

For those who consume cannabis or hemp CBD from prefilled cartridges, in states that allow the inhalation of these products, the term “510 thread battery” certainly rings a bell. These skinny, lightweight, and portable devices are an increasingly popular way to consume these extracts, with many variants and brands available in markets where hemp CBD, medical cannabis, or adult-use cannabis are legal to sell and consume.

Why are 510 thread batteries becoming such a popular option for cannabis consumers? Here, we’ll break down what the term means, what these batteries feature, and why they’re gaining popularity in markets across the U.S.

What is a 510 Thread Battery?

A 510 thread battery is the body portion of a vape pen, outfitted with a 510 thread connector for attaching pre-filled or refillable oil vape cartridges. Also referred to as a vape pen or a vape battery, a 510 thread battery is often long and slender, but there is a lot of variety in shape, size, and style. Customers can pick up a key-style 510 thread vape pen, which flips open at the touch of a button, or a rectangular vape pen that perfectly fits in the palm of a hand. No matter what it looks like, the battery has the same function: to activate the heating element in the attached cartridge and vaporize the materials inside.

There are two main ways to power on a 510 thread battery: with a power button or with sensors. The single button is used to turn the battery on and off and change between temperatures, if the 510 thread battery in question supports more than one temperature setting. Those with sensors can detect when the 510 thread battery is being used and turn on instantly upon first draw. The method you use depends on the battery you have purchased. Some 510 thread batteries have multiple heat settings driven by voltage, while others offer a single temperature setting.

The 510 thread is an important distinction to note while making a vape pen purchasing decision. Only cartridges with 510 thread connectors will work with the 510 thread battery. Other styles of vape pens include those with built-in chambers that do not accommodate screw-in cartridges and pod-style vape pens which work with specially manufactured cartridges designed to fit that device, such as the PAX Era.

Why is it Called a 510 Thread Battery?

The 510 thread battery is named after its connector type, one of the most common connectors in the industry and is often considered an industry standard. This connector is comprised of 10 .5mm threads. By looking for the term “510” on the box of the vape pen they’d like to buy, consumers can clearly and easily identify that this vape pen will work with their hemp CBD or cannabis oil cartridges.

Which Cartridges Work with a 510 Thread Battery?

Consumers can choose between pre-filled or refillable 510 thread cartridge types. These cartridges typically come in .5mL or 1mL size and are often constructed of plastic, glass, metal, or some combination of these materials. The connector sits on one end, while a mouthpiece tops off the cartridge. The clear cartridge body displays how much oil is left in the cartridge at a glance.

Nearly all brands manufacture pre-filled cannabis oil or hemp CBD oil cartridges with this connector type. These no-mess, no-fuss cartridges don’t require any loading or filling — all consumers need to do is attach and inhale. Refillable cartridges provide more flexibility in that they can be filled with the vape material of the consumer’s choice, but they require more prep to use.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 510 Thread Batteries

Vape pens require little to no learning curve. Just charge the 510 thread battery with the included charger (typically a USB charger screwed on to the connector), connect the cartridge, and begin vaping. Even for those pens with multiple temperature settings, sometimes called variable voltage, a consumer can quickly get a handle on which temperature setting is best for the attached materials.

Consuming cannabis or hemp CBD with a 510 thread battery is also an instant process. There’s no waiting for the device to heat, and for those using pre-filled cartridges, there are no additional steps to loading material into the device.

As with all vape pens, 510 thread batteries are praised for their discreteness and portability. Small and lightweight enough to tuck away out of sight, 510 thread batteries can be used wherever legal. Lower temperatures produce smaller clouds, so use of a 510 thread battery is not immediately obvious. Plus, vaporization produces way less odor than combustion, attracting less attention to the consumer.

On the flipside, 510 thread vape batteries only work with other attachments with 510 thread connectors. If customers want to consume flower, wax, or another type of cannabis concentrate, they’ll have to buy special components or introduce an entirely new accessory into the mix.

Leading 510 Thread Vape Brands

  1. Migi Pro 510 Cartridge Oil Vape Pen Battery. This 510 thread battery employs one-button functionality, used to navigate between the three temperature settings ranging from 3.5V to 4.0V. It can be used with cannabis oil or hemp CBD vape cartridges with 510 thread connectors. The 650mAh battery heats up in one second.
  2. PCKT One Plus: This one-button pen is equipped with a 660mAh battery that supports three temperature settings. This model utilizes magnetic adapters for easy changing of 510 thread cartridges. The rectangular “conceal style” PCKT One Plus is a bit bulkier than most slim vape pens, but is still highly portable, discreet, and easily stored.
  3. G Pen Nova: The G Pen Nova can be used as a 510 thread battery but also comes with its own ceramic chamber that can be used to vaporize cannabis concentrates. The Nova is designed to minimize clogging with a check ball valve system and patented reverse airflow. It is designed to support a high level of vapor production despite its extremely compact size. Powered by a 300mAh battery, the G Pen Nova also features three variable voltage settings.

Other Vape Pens

While 510 thread batteries have become a widely-adopted universal standard throughout the industry, several brands have specially-designed pod systems which come with their own sets of features and benefits. One such leading style of a “closed system” vape is the PAX Era.

This vape pen pod and battery system clocks in at just a bit over 3” tall. The battery is compatible with PAX Era pods, available in more than 250 cannabis strains from more than 50 extract partners. The dual-wick, clog-resistant cartridges absorb and deliver as much oil as possible, so no materials go to waste.

What truly stands PAX Era apart is its app-controlled features, accessed through the PAX Mobile application. This smartphone app allows consumers to enjoy a full range of temperatures, adjustable to the precise degree. The unique Session Control program allows PAX Era users to monitor their consumption in real time. The app also includes a device safety lock so nobody except for the device owner can use the connected PAX Era.

510 Vape Batteries: Simplifying Cannabis Consumption

The 510 vape battery makes an already-simplified cannabis or hemp CBD consumption process even easier. Without reading deep into the device manual, consumers know instantly that 510 vape batteries are compatible with a universal standard in both industries, able to attach to pre-filled cannabis and hemp CBD vape cartridges. That, coupled with its lightweight design and pared-down, easy-to-understand features, makes the 510 thread battery a go-to for many cannabis consumers.