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What Is A PAX? Everything You Need To Know About The Brand

Gabi Antunes

Jul 27, 2019

When diving into the world of portable vaporization technology, one company will come up time and again: PAX Labs. Since its founding in 2007, PAX has introduced game-changing vaporizers that place the power of a stationary, bulky vaporizer into a portable device. Celebrated for their high-end look, original design, and discretion, PAX vaporizers have changed the conversation about how people consume cannabis.

Becoming the “iPhone of vaporizers” was a journey in itself, with years in research and development poured into solving long-standing issues and introducing improvements that would be embraced by consumers in legal markets around the world. In this blog, we’ll take you through the history of PAX, how this portable vaporizer earned its reputation, and a quick rundown of the PAX devices on the market you can experience for yourself.

The Founding and History of PAX Labs

PAX Labs founders James Monsees and Adam Bowen met in the 2000s while studying for their Master’s degrees at Stanford University. Monsees, who studied product design, and Bowen, who studied mechanical engineering, would take smoking breaks while working on their respective graduate projects. The duo was struck by the stark difference between the “burnt stick in the trash” and the advanced technologies cropping up all around them. The smoking industry, Monsees and Bowen realized, remained untouched by technology.

Monsees and Bowen went into business together in 2007, operating under the name Ploom. They spent three years studying vaporization technology, and the consumer electronics market. After first experimenting with refillable pods, they pivoted their attention to loose-leaf material. Loose-leaf consumers were quite literally tethered to stationary units plugged into a wall, leaving those who preferred that consumption method no other choice. Monsees and Bowen set out to change that, and the PAX was born.

The PAX Technologies Timeline

The first PAX was released in 2012, one of the first devices on the market to combine the power of a desktop vaporizer with the portability of a vaporizer. Consumers celebrated the device’s sleek form and performance, thrilled that a vaporizer no longer occupied a conspicuous place at home.

The next-gen model, PAX 2, was released three years later in 2015. The new model incorporated the results of extensive consumer feedback into its new design, resulting in a slimmer, lighter, and easier-to-operate device. Among the changes were a removable mouthpiece in two designs, raised and flat, which no longer required lubricant. Lip-sensing technology was also added; this feature preserves cannabis material by dropping temperature after a short period of non-use. The PAX 2 also improved heat-up times, added a fourth temperature setting, and changed the shape and depth of the oven for more even heating. The new design was met with rave reviews.

It didn’t take long, however, for PAX to introduce even more innovations, releasing PAX 3 and PAX Era in November 2016. PAX 3 kept the celebrated shape, dimensions, and functionality of the PAX 2, but added game-changing features, including the ability to vaporize concentrates, Bluetooth connectivity, precise temperature control, and vibration notifications. PAX 3 is available in two iterations: a device-only kit for just dry herb material and a complete kit with the necessary accessories to support concentrate consumption. The newly-developed PAX Mobile application unlocked a world of possibilities, supporting temperature down to the degree, a remote safety lock, Dynamic Modes, and automatic firmware updates.

PAX Era introduces the pod system vape to the family of PAX devices. At just 3.5” tall and less than half an inch wide, the Bluetooth-enabled PAX Era brings unparalleled portability and discretion to the concentrates consumption experience. Consumers can purchase pre-filled SimpleClick™ pods from retailers in states with adult-use or medical marijuana programs. PAX Era is celebrated for its ease of use, long draws, and considerable vapor production.

Built with Bluetooth™ connectivity, PAX Era can be connected to the PAX Mobile app, where consumers can control the temperature down to the degree. PAX Era boasts Session Control™, in which consumers can monitor their sessions in real time.

PAX’s Special Features

  • Lip sensing technology: Introduced with the PAX 2 model, PAX’s lip sensing technology automatically adjusts the temperature based on active use. This gradual cool-down helps preserve the cannabis materials inside the oven. The temperature instantly returns to the selected setting once the device is picked up again.
  • Session Control: Unique to the PAX Era, this app-supported feature allows consumers to monitor their sessions in real time. Through the Pax Mobile application, consumers can set the desired length of their session. PAX Era delivers vapor based on the strength of the pull. Once the session length has been reached, PAX Era will stop producing vapor.
  • Dynamic modes: PAX 3 supports five settings which customize the vaporization experience. Consumers can choose from “boost” mode for increased vapor production, “stealth” mode for discretion, “efficiency” mode for cannabis material preservation, and “flavor” for maximum taste. Dynamic modes can be easily accessed on the PAX Mobile application.

Products Available from PAX Labs

  • PAX 2: This portable loose-leaf vaporizer is celebrated for its ease of use and discretion. Choose between four temperature settings, programmed to influence flavor preservation and vapor production.
  • PAX 3 (device only): The Bluetooth-enabled vaporizer boasts precise temperature control through the PAX Mobile application, available for Apple and Android devices. With the device-only kit, consumers receive the PAX 3, a USB-powered charging dock, and a maintenance kit that includes pipe cleaners and a brush.
  • PAX 3 (complete kit): The PAX 3 complete kit is the same beloved personal vaporizer, with additional accessories to support the use of concentrates. These items include a half-pack oven lid to decrease the size of the oven, a special insert for concentrates, a multi-tool to help pack and unpack the chamber, and extra oven screens.
  • PAX Era: This pod-system vape is the smallest and lightest of the PAX line. The app-controlled vaporizer is compatible with dual-wick SimpleClick pods, available in more than 250 strains from more than 50 extract partners. It’s also the only PAX device with Session Control to help meter out session length.

PAX: The “iPhone of Vaporizers”

Since its launch more than a decade ago, PAX Labs products have earned their reputation as the “iPhone of vaporizers.” The entire line of PAX products marries style, discretion, power, and forward-thinking functionality into a single device that can fit in a pocket or purse. Whether picking up a PAX for dry herb material, concentrates, or no-fuss pre-filled pods, one thing is certain: PAX’s portable vaporizers have changed the way people consume cannabis.