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What Is A PAX Vaporizer and What You Should Know About It

Gabi Antunes

Jul 29, 2019

Since the introduction of the PAX portable vaporizer in 2012, PAX Labs has been a leading innovator in portable vaporization technology. The company, founded in 2007, brought together the power of a desktop vaporizer with the freedom of a portable device, allowing consumers more mobility with their dry herb and concentrate cannabis material. Celebrated for discretion and beloved for its ease of use, PAX vaporizers quickly became some of the most popular and well-known devices on the market. In the blog, you’ll find a quick overview of the device’s history and the products available for purchase.

A brief history of PAX

PAX Labs was founded by Adam Bowen and James Monsees, who met in the 2000s at Stanford University. The two students, who were studying for their Master’s degrees in mechanical engineering and product design respectively, realized that smoking seemed primitive compared to all the advanced technologies researched all around them. The duo went into business together in 2007 and spent the three years following researching and developing the consumer electronics market and vaporization technology. Their first model, the PAX 1, was released to much excitement and fanfare in 2012.

Products available from PAX

Since that first model was introduced in 2012, PAX has refined, revised, and released new devices, each one with a new suite of features designed to support a best-in-class vaping experience. Below, you’ll find more information about the PAX 2, PAX 3, and PAX Era, facts that will help guide your choice as you explore your vaporizer options.


Design: Clocking in at 4” tall and a bit over 1” wide, PAX 2 is the perfect size to slide into a bag or pocket. A brushed anodized aluminum outer shell is designed for aesthetics and functionality. Not only does the aluminum look good, but the material distributes the oven’s heat, so your vaporizer is never too hot to touch. A four-petaled LED indicator displays battery life, device status, temperature setting, and more. An isolated, stainless steel vapor pathway runs the length of the device, from the oven at the bottom to the food-grade silicone mouthpiece at the top, allowing for ample time for vapor to cool as it travels. The oven holds approximately .3 grams of dry herb material.

How to use: Finely grind your dry herb material and place it into the chamber. Replace the lid and press down on the mouthpiece to turn on the device. Wait approximately 45 seconds for the device to heat up, bring PAX 2 to your lips, and inhale. Use the same button underneath the mouthpiece to cycle through four temperature settings: 360°F, 380°F, 400°F, or 420°F.
Materials: Dry herb
Accessories: Charging cable, pipe cleaners, wire brush, two mouthpieces (raised and flat)
Price: $149.99
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Design: PAX 3 retains many of the same aesthetics and inner workings of the PAX 2, including the anodized aluminum shell (now matte in appearance), dimensions, mouthpieces, oven placement, and vapor pathway. However, PAX 3 introduces several new innovative features, including vibration notifications, a larger battery, decreased heating times, Dynamic Modes to fine-tune sessions, and the ability to consume concentrates and dry herb with the same vaporizer. Perhaps most exciting of all is its compatibility with the PAX Mobile application, which allows for temperature control in 1-degree increments, automatic firmware updates, and a remote locking feature for safety and security.

How to use: Place finely-ground material into the oven and replace the lid, or use the concentrates insert to heat waxes or other concentrate material. Turn on PAX 3 by pressing on the mouthpiece. Open the app to select your temperature and desired dynamic mode, or use the button to cycle through four temperature presets, plus a fifth custom one that can be defined in the app. Wait approximately 20 seconds, give or take depending on the selected temperature, for the device to heat. Raise the PAX 3 to your lips, inhale, and enjoy.
Materials: Dry herb, concentrates
Device-only: Charging cable, pipe cleaners, wire brush, two mouthpieces (raised and flat)
Complete: Everything in device-only, plus a half-pack oven lid, extra oven screens, a concentrates insert, and multi-tool.
Price: $199.99 device-only, $249.99 complete kit
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Design: The first pod-system vape in the PAX lineup, PAX Era works with SimpleClick™ pods filled with concentrate material. Clocking in at 3.5” tall and less than half an inch wide, Era has the same anodized aluminum shell and four-petaled indicator light as PAX 2 and PAX 3. The Bluetooth®-enabled vape supports a temperature range of 520°F to 790°F, which can be adjusted in 1-degree increments on the PAX Mobile application. PAX Era also introduces Session Control technology to the PAX lineup.

Through Session Control, consumers can measure and monitor their sessions in real time.

How to use: Insert a SimpleClick™ pod, pre-filled with .5 grams of cannabis material, found at a licensed medical marijuana or adult-use cannabis dispensary. Pair PAX Era with your Apple or Android device and open the app to select the temperature and other settings. Once selected, pick up the device and inhale; PAX Era requires no heat-up time, nor do any buttons need to be pressed.
Materials: Concentrates in pre-filled pods, available in more than 250 strains from more than 50 extract partners
Accessories: Charging cable
Price: $29.99 for the device; pod price varies depending on brand and location
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How to choose the right PAX vaporizer for you

There’s no one PAX device that’s “better” or “worse” than another — it’s all about personal preference. The type of experience you wish to have, the cannabis material you’re consuming, and the features you see yourself using all play a part in your decision-making. Each PAX model offers something a little different, so you can select the model that’s best suited for your needs, whether that’s a vape with advanced controls that can accept multiple materials or a straightforward, easy-to-use model with preprogrammed settings. No matter which vaporizer you choose, a PAX device is bound to support many sessions to come.