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PAX Era Review: Product Details & More

Gabi Antunes

Aug 25, 2019

To the uninitiated, the world of portable vaporizers can often seem daunting. Learning how to use a new device and understanding all the settings is difficult enough, but cleaning and maintaining an intricate vaporizer requires a learning curve of its own. For those who don’t want to invest that kind of time and effort into the vaporization experience, there’s an alternative in pods pre-filled with cannabis concentrate.

If you’re looking for a discreet way to vaporize cannabis concentrates with ease, look no further than the PAX Era – a compact, sleek portable vaporizer which utilizes SimpleClick™ pods to make vaping cannabis concentrates an easy process. It is easy to use discreetly, but also offers considerable vapor production for its size. This review takes you through everything there is to know about the PAX Era, from its design features to how to use this innovative device.

At first glance: Design and Aesthetics

If discretion is a priority, this device has it covered. Standing at just 3.3″ tall with a width of 0.72″ and depth of 0.40″, this compact portable vaporizer is comfortable to hold. Tuck it into a pocket or bag when not in use.
The PAX Era is encased in a durable, slate-colored bead-blasted anodized aluminum finish. It also gives the device a modern, futuristic aesthetic. An LED indicator in the shape of the PAX logo communicates the device’s essential functions, including battery life and Bluetooth® connectivity status. In design and in functionality, the PAX Era represents a breakthrough in cannabis enjoyment.

What comes in a Pax Era box?

The device comes with a micro USB charger and a 1-year limited warranty. Era pods are available separately. To find a location near you, an authorized PAX retailer can be found through this store locator.

PAX Era Performance Review

While it is indeed simpler than its siblings, the PAX Era is far from the little brother of other PAX vaporizers. The device offers consumers a high-quality vaping companion for cannabis concentrates that come in a variety of strains. Through an application called PAX Mobile, consumers can unlock an impressive array of device settings to tailor their vape session to suit their preferences in detail. Here’s a look at what makes this device stand out:

1. Heat-up Time and Temperature Settings

Simplicity is its hallmark, but the PAX Era does not skimp on functions. It boasts a pre-set temperature range of 520° to 790° Fahrenheit across four settings, with an expanded range and precise control down to the exact degree available through the PAX Mobile app.

If the Era is being used without the app, you can cycle through the low (520°F), medium low (610°F), medium-high (700°F), and high (790°F) temperature settings with Temp Set mode. To enter Temp Set mode, simply shake the device and remove the pod. The LED display will then indicate the current setting and slowly begin cycling through the other settings. To select a setting, reinsert the pod when the desired setting is indicated on the LED light.

With this device, there is no need to wait for it to heat up. Heating time is instant when you insert a pod and take a draw. The vaporizer heats using 8W of power until the heater reaches the selected temperature. The wattage is automatically adjusted to ensure the right amount of power is always used, keeping each puff consistent regardless of the amount of concentrate remaining in the pod.

2. Using pods

The pods simplify the vaporization process, preventing the need for loading messy oils into a portable vaporizer or vape pen. Each pod contains .5 grams of concentrate material. You can find an authorized PAX Era device retailer using this online tool.

PAX Era pods are fully submerged in the concentrate material to ensure that none goes to waste. The device features a built-in detection function that indicates when a pod has been successfully inserted or removed. The LED display will sweep upward when a pod is removed or downward when a pod is inserted to indicate the device has detected the pod.

Swapping out pods is a two-step process: just pop the used pod out and replace with a new one.

3. Battery Performance

The portable vaporizer comes with a 240mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery and it takes approximately 45 minutes to fully charge the battery. Consumers can expect the battery to last for approximately 200 draws.

Shake the vaporizer a few times to display the current battery life. Each petal on the PAX logo will light to represent 25% of a charge; if all four petals are lit, the device is fully charged. When a charge is needed, the LED display will blink red three times before the device powers down. To preserve battery life, the PAX Era will automatically enter standby mode after 10 seconds of inactivity.

4. PAX Mobile App

The vaporizer becomes even more versatile when connected to the mobile application. Shake the device to put PAX Era into pairing mode. Launch the app and follow the steps to pair the device with your Android or iOS mobile phone. The app is available for Apple and Android devices.

With the app, the PAX Era offers an increased temperature range; consumers can adjust the temperature to the precise degree between 430° and 790° Fahrenheit. It also features a Quick Adjust option to instantly increase or decrease the temperature setting by 10° Fahrenheit.

Through the mobile application, consumers can also change the LED brightness, dimming it when discretion is a priority. The app supports extended safety features, including a remote locking functionality to prevent unauthorized use. New updates on the firmware are automatically applied to the PAX Era when available.

5. Where to Purchase PAX Era

The PAX Era is available for purchase on the PAX website to adult consumers 21 years or older. The device is available in select states; you can find a PAX Era device retailer using this store locator tool.

6. Maintenance & Cleaning

When it comes to maintenance, PAX Era device keeps it simple. Each pod eliminates the need to clean the personal vaporizer of residue. It is recommended that consumers keep the device in a protective case to keep it clean and secure when not in use. Pods can be left inserted in between sessions. The PAX Era should not be charged in extreme heat or extreme cold (below 41°F or above 113°F) to ensure battery safety. The device comes with a one-year limited warranty and should be registered immediately after purchase.