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Gabi Antunes

Aug 15, 2019

You’ve researched the PAX 3, PAX 2, and PAX Era, and now it’s time to purchase the portable vaporizer of your choice. It’s easy enough to simply search for purchasing options online or to walk down to the corner store where you saw a PAX vaporizer that one time, but how do you know what you’re receiving is legitimate?

When purchasing a PAX vaporizer, you want to be certain you are receiving a product that includes high-quality components for which PAX is well known. Moreover, a device secured from an authorized online retailer comes along with a warranty that covers your device for repair or exchange should there be any valid defects in materials or workmanship under normal and approved usage. In this blog, we’ll review why you should purchase a PAX from an authorized retailer and how to locate a retailer online or in stores.

Why should you purchase a PAX from an authorized online retailer?

When investing in a portable vaporizer, you want to be sure that you’re only receiving the best. The only way to ensure that you are receiving an authentic PAX portable vaporizer is to make your purchase from the PAX website or to make a purchase from an authorized online retailer.

Authorized PAX devices are manufactured to a specific standard of quality, ensuring you receive a device that contains tested components necessary for the top-notch vape experience associated with PAX products. PAX devices acquired through an authorized retailer also come with a limited warranty guaranteed by PAX. These warranties offer repair or exchange of defective products after a valid claim is submitted to a company. Purchasing a PAX product from an unauthorized retailer could potentially void the warranty and leave you without recourse if the device is damaged in any way.

List of PAX authorized online retailers

PAX has a carefully-selected network of online distributors and retailers who are authorized to sell PAX 3, PAX 2, and PAX Era vaporizers and accessories. Below you can find a non-exhaustive list of authorized retailers from which you can purchase these products.

  • PAX
  • 2020 Solutions
  • Attis Trading Company
  • Electric Lettuce
  • Have a Heart
  • LivWell
  • Native Roots
  • Satori
  • The Clinic
  • Uncle Ike’s

Purchase a PAX at a store near you

This list only represents some of the authorized PAX retailers out there. There are many retailers authorized to sell PAX portable vaporizers. To find a location near you, use this store locator.