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PAX 3 Temperature Settings Options

Gabi Antunes

Sep 2, 2019

Temperature settings are crucial to a vaporization experience, influencing flavor, aroma, vapor production, and vapor quality. Too high a temperature and your cannabis material can burn and turn bitter. Too low a temperature and you may not experience anything at all. In between those extremes is a whole world of options, from preserving flavor to producing large vapor clouds. These nuances can have a profound impact on your vaping experience, and it all comes back to that little number.

That’s one of the reasons why devices with an adjustable temperature range like the PAX 3 are some of the most in-demand vaporizers on the market. This portable vaporizer goes beyond the presets most units support and allows for precise temperature control through the PAX Mobile app. This guide takes you through the role temperature plays in the vaporization experience and how PAX 3 features can support your desired effect.

The importance of temperature while vaporizing

The PAX 3’s temperature setting has an impact on the flavor of the cannabis material inside the oven. Low temperatures can improve the taste and aroma of your cannabis. Turn up the temperature too high, and you risk a resulting bitterness. Lower temperatures are ideal for preserving the cannabis material in the oven as well.

Finally, the PAX 3’s temperature directly impacts the amount of vapor produced. If you want to minimize vapor, stick within the lower range of temperatures. However, if you like the effect of a large vapor cloud, go ahead and turn up the heat.

What are the PAX 3 temperature settings?

PAX 3’s temperature is adjustable down to the degree within the defined range of 360° Fahrenheit to 420° Fahrenheit. This means you can choose any temperature you’d like within that range. All you need to do is open the PAX Mobile app on your Apple or Android device, open the control center, and spin the dial until you reach the temperature you want.

If you’re not using the app, you can place PAX 3 in “temp set” mode. This allows you to cycle through four preset temperatures — 360° Fahrenheit, 380° Fahrenheit, 400° Fahrenheit, and 420° Fahrenheit — via the PAX 3’s power button.

To place PAX 3 into temp set mode, press and hold the power button for approximately two seconds. Once in temp set mode, you can cycle through the four aforementioned preset temperature options. Quick-press the power button to cycle through the four presets. Press and hold the power button to exit temp set mode.

In addition to the temperature settings, PAX 3 has five preset dynamic modes which help further customize the vaping experience. These settings are:

  • Standard Mode: This mode increases oven temperature when your lips are detected (a feature called lip sensing technology) and auto-cools when your lips haven’t touched the vaporizer for 20 seconds.
  • Boost Mode: Boost Mode is programmed to produce more vapor without sacrificing the preferred temperature setting.
  • Efficiency Mode: Automatically increase the oven temperature by 1 degree every two seconds for consistent vapor production.
  • Flavor Mode: Heat and cool down quickly to maximize flavor and produce more vapor on demand.
  • Stealth Mode: This mode maintains a lower temperature, enables faster cool-down, tones down the LED indicator light, and enters PAX 3 into standby mode within 15 seconds of non-use.

LED settings while using temp set mode

Keep a close eye on PAX 3’s LED indicator while adjusting the temperature in “temp set” mode. The light color and pattern change as you fine-tune your temperature for your preferred experience.

  1. One green petal: This indicates that PAX 3 is on the low-temperature setting of 360° Fahrenheit.
  2. Two yellow petals: This color means that PAX 3 is set to a medium temperature setting of 380° Fahrenheit.
  3. Three orange petals: PAX 3 is on a medium-high setting of 400° Fahrenheit when this combination of LED lights and colors is on display.
  4. Four red petals: This indicates that PAX 3 is on the highest setting of 420° Fahrenheit.

How long does PAX 3 take to heat?

PAX 3’s heat-up time depends on the temperature you select, but overall, heat-up time has been reduced significantly from previous models.

PAX 3 heats in approximately 22 seconds. By comparison, the PAX 2 takes approximately 45 seconds to heat. PAX 3 may reach the selected temperature faster when a lower setting is selected, while it may take longer if you wish to use your vaporizer on its highest-allowable temperature. No matter which setting you select, a quick vibration will notify you when PAX 3 is properly heated and ready to use.

Using the right temperature to your advantage

Fewer settings on your portable vaporizer are more important than temperature. While design and functionality certainly play a huge part in the vaping experience, temperature plays a big role in determining the size of your vapor cloud, and influencing the flavor of the cannabis material inside your vaporizer. As you get to know your PAX 3, we encourage you to experiment with different temperatures to find the one that’s best for you.