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Quality Hemp CBD Oil: How To Choose The Right One

Gabi Antunes

Aug 21, 2019

Selecting a hemp CBD oil can be a dizzying decision with many brands and varieties to choose from. How can you even begin to narrow down from hundreds of available options? The best place to begin is with a check for quality, to help you rule out which brands may not contain the amount of hemp CBD claimed on the label.

What are the markers you should look for while researching the right hemp CBD oil for you? These pointers may help you identify the oils that rise to the top.

What is Hemp CBD Oil?

Hemp CBD oil is extracted from hemp plants and can be used as a tincture, added into a smoothie, or into food in states that allow these forms of administration.

Hemp CBD oil often comes in a 1-ounce or sometimes larger bottle which can contain as little as a few hundred milligrams or as much as 3,000 milligrams of hemp CBD. These tinctures often come with droppers for easy extraction and measuring.

Trying to Find Good Quality Hemp CBD Oil

Hemp CBD oil products can vary in color, consistency, smell, and taste. However, these are not always indicators of a quality product, as many variables in extraction and processing can influence those factors. As a savvy and conscious consumer, what should you look for while evaluating your options?

  • Check for lab results. Reliable and trustworthy hemp CBD oil manufacturers are transparent about what’s in their products. Lab results may increase the likelihood that the bottle’s hemp CBD content matches the milligrams advertised on the box. Some brands will claim their product does not contain pesticides or other potentially-harmful compounds.
  • Review how the hemp CBD is extracted. Hemp CBD can be extracted by several methodologies, including solvent-based extraction and CO2 extraction. The extraction type used influences which compounds are removed from the plant material, and it influences the materials (if any) left behind in the final product.
  • Examine the type of packaging. Hemp CBD oil can be sensitive to light changes. To prevent light from getting in, the bottle should be translucent or opaque.
  • Learn from where the hemp CBD is sourced. Industrial hemp is produced across the U.S. in states that have developed and adopted regulatory hemp programs..
  • Read the ingredients — the shorter, the better: Hemp CBD oil shouldn’t contain unnecessary ingredients.
  • The marketing material shouldn’t make sweeping health claims. Health claims have not been approved by the FDA and as a general rule, should not be used on labels. .

How to Choose Hemp CBD Oil

First, choose how much hemp CBD oil you’d like. Hemp CBD oil is available in an array of concentrations, from just a few hundred milligrams to more than 2,000 mg. If you only plan to consume a few milligrams each day, a bottle that contains less hemp CBD may be right for you. If you plan to consume more, you may want to select a bottle that contains more hemp CBD. Keep in mind that products with higher concentrations of hemp CBD will cost more than their lower-dose counterparts.

Second, decide which hemp CBD extract you wish to buy. Hemp CBD comes in three variants: CBD isolate, broad-spectrum CBD, and full-spectrum CBD. CBD isolate is a powder-like purified form of CBD with no other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, or other materials contained within. Broad-spectrum CBD retains all cannabinoids and terpenes found in the industrial hemp extract, with the trace amounts of naturally-occurring tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) removed. Full-spectrum is the extract as-is from the industrial hemp plant, including the trace amounts of THC. (“Trace amounts” are defined as .3% or less THC.)

Finally, run your product choice past the list of markers put together in this blog post. Are you able to review lab tests? Do you know where the hemp CBD comes from? Are the ingredients listed?

How to Use Hemp CBD Oil

The most common way to consume hemp CBD oil is via sublingual administration in states that allow this form of administration.. For those who are sensitive to hemp’s earthy flavor or do not like the mouthfeel of a tincture, hemp CBD oil can be dropped into a beverage or added to food in states that permit it.

Sorting Through Your Hemp CBD Options

Hemp CBD oil is cropping up everywhere from food stores to major supermarket chains, not to mention numerous online marketplaces in states that have adopted hemp regulatory programs. As a consumer, it’s important to do your homework before purchasing any hemp CBD brand. By asking for more information about what is inside that little bottle, you may be able to increase your likelihood of getting a good product.