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How to Vape Hemp CBD Oil in 6 Easy Steps

Gabi Antunes

Sep 17, 2019

Hemp-derived Cannabidiol (CBD) is projected to be worth $1.3 billion by 2022. It’s no wonder – ever since the 2018 Farm Bill descheduled extracts from industrial hemp, hemp CBD has made its way into everything from body creams to chocolate bars. Vaping is no exception, as hemp CBD has made its way into the rapidly growing concentrates market in a big way.

Hemp CBD oil for vapes presents a quick and easy way to add the popular cannabinoid to your next session, but only in states that allow the inhalation of hemp. So, what is hemp CBD oil exactly and how can you vape it? Which devices support the use of hemp CBD oil? Read on for an overview of this booming segment of the legal cannabis industry.

What is Hemp CBD Oil?

Hemp CBD oil can be a confusing term. Sometimes it is used to refer to an orally ingestible product infused with the extracts of an industrial hemp plant. This type of hemp CBD oil is often used in sublingual tinctures or as an ingredient in other hemp CBD infused products. However, it is not the same as the hemp CBD “oil” you would use in a vaporizer.

Hemp CBD oil for vapes, sometimes referred to as hemp CBD vape liquid, is an altogether different product. Hemp CBD vape liquid, on the other hand, is specifically designed for use with a vaporizer. Sometimes called hemp CBD “oil” by manufacturers, hemp CBD vape liquid is much thinner than its edible counterparts. For the purposes of this article, we will only be referring to the hemp CBD oil that is specifically designed for use with vaporizers.

Hemp-derived CBD oil for vapes is made from similar extracts of the industrial hemp plant. By law, industrial hemp plants must contain no more than 0.3% of the intoxicating cannabinoid Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). These low levels of THC mean that hemp CBD products do not produce an intoxicating effect. As derivatives of the industrial hemp plant, they also contain significant levels of hemp CBD. Vaporizing hemp CBD oil is a quick and easy way to get more hemp-derived CBD.

Choosing your Hemp CBD Vape

It’s worth noting that not all vaporizers are designed to work with hemp CBD oil. As a very thin liquid, hemp CBD oil is compatible with vaporizers that support the use of other similar liquids. Naturally, this means dry herb vaporizers do not support the use of hemp CBD oil, nor do dab pens designed specifically for the use of cannabis-derived waxes. So, the first thing to do is ensure your vaporizer is compatible with hemp CBD oil.

Some hemp CBD vape pens are disposable and come pre-filled with oil. Others are reusable and require you to manually fill the device with hemp CBD oil. These vaporizers must be compatible with the use of thin liquids, rather than the thicker oils and waxes often associated with cannabis concentrates.

Once you’ve confirmed that the device is compatible with your hemp CBD oil, the process of selecting a vaporizer is the same as selecting a device for any other material. You’ll want to check the quality of the key components, including the battery, heating element, chamber, and external body of the device. Here are some aspects of each component you should consider before buying any device:

  • Battery: Batteries generate the electricity needed for vapes to operate, which is used to power the heating element and vaporize the material inside the chamber. The key considerations when choosing a battery are its capacity (expressed in milliamp hours, or mAh) and its voltage. The best vape batteries offer variable voltage settings, which supports different temperature levels.
  • Heating element: The heating element is another important component of a vape. What a heating element is made of determines its effectiveness and durability. Oftentimes you will find devices that contain a heating element made of a metallic alloy, such as aluminum, stainless steel, or titanium. Some of the best heating elements are made of an iron-chromium-aluminum alloy.
  • Chamber: Chambers are key to shaping your experience, as they affect the amount of material you can place in your device, its flavor, and the material temperature. The best chambers are made of ceramic or quartz constructions, which are designed to preserve the flavor of your material. In the case of hemp CBD oil, common terms associated with the taste include “earthy” or “woody.”
  • Exterior design: Finally, a vaporizer’s exterior is an important factor. Both a device’s ergonomics (how it fits in your hand, the method of controlling the device) and aesthetic (how it is shaped and appears in style) should be considered in your decision.

In addition to these considerations, you should review which features the device supports. Some vaporizers offer a comprehensive, feature-rich experience, while others are focused on ease of use and simplicity. Which type of vape you choose depends on your ideal session.

Finally, cost is a factor as well. Naturally, the more comprehensive and powerful vaporizers are likely to cost more money, while the simplest models keep prices down. However, price isn’t always indicative of quality, so it’s important to do your homework and examine the ins and outs of each device you are considering.

How to Vape Hemp CBD

Vaping hemp CBD oil is a straightforward process, precisely like vaping any other materials. There are five major steps you need to take to prepare your sessions.

  1. Charge your device: Before using your vaporizer you should ensure that the battery is fully charged and can support a long-lasting session. To do this, place the battery on its charger in accordance with the instructions laid out in your device owner’s manual. Wait the estimated amount of time for your battery to charge from dead to full. Many vapes include an indicator light that demonstrate when the device is fully charged.
  2. Fill the chamber: How you fill your device’s chamber depends on the design of the vape. Again, check your device owner’s manual for specifics. Following those instructions, carefully load your material to capacity and replace the lid on the chamber to ensure there is no spillage or leakage.
  3. Select your temperature: Once your material is loaded into the device, select your desired temperature setting. Many devices use a one-button functionality to cycle through settings, while others will have temperature up and down buttons on the face of the device. Others still connect to a mobile application via Bluetooth® to control temperature.
  4. Vaporize the material: Once you’ve selected your temperature setting, you are ready to begin vaping. Allow your device to heat up to your materials boiling point. Oftentimes, this means holding down a button to deliver electricity to the heating element. Some vapes heat-up in as little as a few seconds, while others take a bit longer. Check your device’s specifications to estimate its heat-up time. When the heating element reaches your materials boiling point, it will vaporize it. You can inhale the vapor through the device’s mouthpiece, repeating the process until your session is complete.
  5. Clean your vape: To ensure the quality of future sessions, as well as preserve your device for the long haul, it’s important to perform regular cleaning and maintenance after you finish vaping. To clean your vaporizer, check the instructions in your device owner’s manual and follow them carefully. Be sure not to damage any of the internal components of your device during the cleaning process.

Vaping Hemp CBD Oil is just One Method

Vaping hemp CBD oil represents an easy and fast-acting way to deliver hemp-derived CBD to your system. However, it’s not the only method. If you’re interested in all the other ways you can add hemp CBD to your routine, there are a litany of products available to you, from sublingual tinctures to infused edibles to hemp CBD topicals. Whichever method of hemp CBD delivery appeals to you, you are likely to find a product that meets your needs. For vapers, there are plenty of hemp CBD vape oils out there manufactured by reputable brands with a proven track record. Adding hemp CBD to your next session is as simple as finding the right product for you.