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Hemp CBD Vape Liquid: Introduction Guide

Gabi Antunes

Sep 13, 2019

Vaping and hemp-derived Cannabidiol (CBD) have both enjoyed meteoric rises in popularity in recent history, so it’s no surprise that the two have collided in legal markets. Hemp-derived CBD vape liquid blends the two worlds together, creating a product that caters to the vaper in search of a way to add hemp CBD to their sessions without interrupting their current vaping routine. Hemp CBD vape liquid comes in varying potency levels, offering hemp CBD-inclined vapers different options for their optimal experience. If you’re still not sure what hemp CBD vape liquid is or why you might want to consider adding it to your next vaping session, take a look at these facts about hemp CBD vape liquid and how it can change your vape experience.

What is Hemp CBD Vape Liquid?

Hemp CBD vape liquid, as the name suggests, is a hemp-derived liquid high in CBD designed to be used with vaporizers. Specifically, hemp CBD vape liquid is used with vape mods, powerful and customizable devices that work with a wide range of vape liquids. They can also be added to refillable vape cartridges and used with a vape pen.
Sometimes you might encounter hemp CBD vape liquid labeled as “oil,” though to call it an oil is technically incorrect. It is, instead, more analogous to other vaping products than it is to the hemp-derived CBD oils commonly found in sublingual tinctures.

Most hemp CBD vape liquid comes in a small bottle, usually between 10mL and 30mL. They range in potency from as low as 100mg of hemp CBD to more than 1500mg per bottle. Most are made with food grade ingredients.

Vaping Hemp CBD Vape Liquid

Simply load your material into your device and power it on. Select your desired voltage, which determines how warm the heating element will get and will influence how much vapor is produced per puff. Once you’ve selected your temperature, allow your device to heat. You can then inhale the resulting vapor through your device’s mouthpiece.

What You Should Consider When Looking to Buy Hemp CBD Vape Liquid

It’s important to do your research when buying hemp CBD vape liquid. There are a lot of different products available, all with varying amounts of hemp CBD per milliliter.

  • Homogeneity: The homogeneity of a hemp CBD vape liquid refers to how uniform the mixture is throughout the entire bottle. Ideally, the hemp CBD vape liquid should be thoroughly mixed and evenly dispersed; it should not separate into different layers. Homogenous hemp CBD vape liquid ensures you will be able to add the same dosage of hemp-derived CBD to the vape every time.
  • Clarity: The best hemp CBD vape liquid will appear clear. The clarity of a product is an indication of its quality. Cloudy or syrupy-looking products are generally of a lower quality, so look for a transparent, thin liquid when determining which product you should purchase.
  • Compatibility: Naturally, you only want to buy a hemp CBD vape liquid that is compatible with your device. Some vape devices don’t work well with hemp CBD vape liquids, particularly those devices that use cotton wicks. Choosing a fully homogenous hemp CBD vape liquid or utilizing a device with a ceramic heating element are likely your best bet.
  • Brand: It’s important to purchase products from a reputable brand that has a proven track record. Prior to purchase, it is recommended to check customer satisfaction reviews, third-party lab test results, and background information about a brand before settling on their products.
  • Originating plant: Hemp CBD vape liquid is extracted from the industrial hemp plant. If you really want to know the details about what hemp-derived compounds made it into the vape liquid in addition to hemp CBD, you should inquire about the source plant. By law, industrial hemp must have 0.3% THC or less, the intoxicating compound found in cannabis. However, industrial hemp plants have many other cannabinoids and other compounds that are likely contained within your hemp CBD vape liquid.
  • Sourcing: Finally, when choosing a hemp CBD vape liquid, you should try to find out more than just the cultivar of the hemp plant from which it was derived. You should also try to obtain information about where the plants were grown, how they were cultivated, where they were shipped for processing, and how the hemp CBD vape liquid was manufactured. There should be transparency and accountability every step of the way so you know what is in your hemp CBD vape liquid and how it got there.

Both the hemp CBD and vaping industries are relatively young, meaning the regulatory landscape is still evolving. There are a great many quality products out there, but finding them is largely up to the consumer. If you want to get the best of the best, it’s important that you do your research and meticulously compare the products you are considering before you buy.

Hemp CBD Vape Liquid Offers Another way to Consume Cannabinoids

Portable vaporizers offer a variety of ways to consume cannabis-derived products, either with the dried flowers of the plant or concentrated extracts. Hemp CBD vape liquid, however, avails vapers who prefer mods to one of the most popular cannabinoids out there today: hemp CBD. Whether you have used hemp CBD frequently or want to try it in your next vape session, hemp CBD vape liquid makes it a quick and easy process. Simply load it into your device, and vape as you normally would. That’s all there is to adding hemp-derived cannabinoids to your vape experience.