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Hemp CBD Liquid: 5 Interesting Facts About It

Gabi Antunes

Aug 22, 2019

Hemp Cannabidiol (CBD) has made its way into the vape market in the form of hemp CBD vape liquid in markets that allow the inhalation of hemp CBD. Hemp CBD vape liquid makes it easy to add the cannabinoid to your next vape session; unfortunately, a great deal of confusion around these products remains. It’s important to better understand what you’re buying before you use it.

What is Hemp CBD Vape Liquid?

Hemp CBD vape liquid is specifically formulated for vaporization and inhalation in states that permit the inhalation of hemp. Hemp CBD vape liquid is a thin formulation so it can be easily vaped.

Hemp CBD vape liquid should not be confused with hemp CBD oil, which is a completely different product. The oils are meant to be ingested, in states that permit the ingestion of hemp, not vaporized. However, it’s not uncommon to see manufacturers refer to CBD vape liquid as oil as well. If you’re unsure how the product you’re considering is intended to be used, either contact the company or consider a different product that makes its intended usage clearer.

How Should You Use Your Hemp CBD Vape Liquids?

Generally, vaping hemp CBD liquids is much like any other vaporization liquid. When you are ready to use your hemp CBD vape liquid, fill your device as you normally would according to the vaporizer’s instructions.. Once filled, turn on your device and select your desired temperature setting.

When vaporizing your hemp CBD liquid, start slowly by taking a couple of puffs and evaluating how you feel. Hemp CBD vape liquid can vary in its potency, ranging from as low as 200 milligrams per milliliter to 5,000 milligrams per milliliter. That means each puff can contain different amounts of hemp CBD depending on which vape liquid you’ve purchased. Always consider the strength of the product you are vaporizing before starting your session.

Once you’ve finished your vape session, clean your device as you normally would in accordance with the instructions laid out in the device owner’s manual. Once cleaned, store your vaporizer safely in a cool and dry place.

Where to Find the Best Hemp CBD Oil

The hemp CBD vape liquid market features many brands and products. Industrial hemp-derived CBD is descheduled on the federal level and is legal to purchase and consume in states that have implemented regulatory programs, so many hemp-derived products in those states may be available online and in brick and mortar shops.

Because the hemp CBD market is still so young, it’s important to ensure you are purchasing a product from a reliable and trusted brand. Some hemp CBD products on the market today may contain less hemp CBD than the label indicates. Take the time to review the brands you are considering and keep an eye out for third-party certifications, lab testing results, and inspection information.

When in doubt, discuss your options with a knowledgeable sales representative at a trusted store, visit a brand’s website, or read reviews on websites and social media platforms. If they can’t point you in the direction of lab results or third-party certifications for a specific brand, you might want to think twice about purchasing that product.

Hemp CBD Vape Liquid Offers a New Way to Vape

Vaping hemp-derived CBD liquid allows you to use the cannabinoid in a simple vape session. These products make it easy to add hemp CBD to your routine sessions without adding much of a learning curve to the process or requiring you to learn about new types of products. If you want to give hemp CBD vape liquid a shot on its own, vapers can easily incorporate hemp-derived CBD liquids into their routine.