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Cannabis Accessories That Make Your Experience More Predictable

Gabi Antunes

Sep 21, 2019

Cannabis consumption isn’t always as simple as heading to a local licensed dispensary and purchasing some flower. Several accessories are key to shaping your ideal experience, or even to consume the product in the first place.

As the cannabis industry grows and advances, more accessories appear on the market with the goal to improve the experience of cannabis consumers in every legal market. These accessories are designed to make your cannabis sessions easier, cleaner, and more effective. They include tools that help the act of consumption, as well as storage units that can keep your materials fresh and clean. These five growing categories of cannabis accessories continue to make a big impact on the way people consume cannabis.


Portable Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are compact, electronic devices that allow users to vaporize and inhale cannabis and cannabis-derived materials. Portable vaporizers vary in style and function; some models are designed to work with dry flower, while others work with concentrates like oil or wax. Some portable vaporizers even work with both.

These devices brought the power of handheld electronics to the world of cannabis, changing when and how people could consume. Vaporizers emerged years prior in the form of desktop vaporizers, one of the most notable being The Volcano from Storz and Bickel. Portable vaporizers turned that stationary experience into a mobile one. Today, many portable vapes are small enough to easily slip into a pocket or bag.

The PAX 3, for example, is a prime example of how far portable vapes have come in just a few decades. This leading portable vaporizer that supports the use of both dry cannabis flower and concentrated extracts. It is Bluetooth® enabled, allowing the device to link up to your smartphone through the PAX mobile app. Through the mobile app, consumers gain added control and customization over the way their device functions, from precise temperature setting selection to five dynamic modes that adjust vapor production, flavor, and device efficiency.

The PAX 3 currently retails at $199.99 for just the device or comes with a complete kit that includes a concentrate insert, raised and flat mouthpieces, a multi-tool, and three replacement screens for $249.99.


Herb Grinders

Technology isn’t the only useful companion for cannabis consumers. Herb grinders are a tried and true accessory that makes breaking up buds of cannabis flower much easier than the tedious and imperfect process of doing so by hand.

Elegant in their simplicity, herb grinders consist of as few as two pieces and as many as five. Each piece interlocks to create a series of chambers. In the first chamber, razor sharp teeth grind cannabis flower down to size. This finely-ground flower typically then passes through into the second chamber where it collects and awaits your next session. Herb grinders with additional chambers are designed to catch the highly potent “kief,” or dust-like remnants of the cannabinoid-packed trichomes found on the cannabis plant.

Whether you’re a conventional cannabis consumer or leveraging modern day vapes for your session, an herb grinder is an absolute must when using cannabis flower. These devices streamline the process, making it a seconds-long, effortless experience instead of a lengthy affair. Best of all, herb grinders prevent sticky, smelly hands, the inevitable result of manually breaking apart cannabis flower.

One of the premier names in herb grinders is SharpStone. SharpStone carries a wide range of herb grinders, which come in different types and sizes. However, quality is a hallmark of the brand. Many of its grinders are constructed from a highly durable stainless steel or an aircraft grade aluminum. SharpStone herb grinders often come with scraping tools as well, which are useful for scooping kief out of the bottom chamber. Whether you want a small, simple grinder or the crème de la crème of herb grinders, SharpStone delivers.


Paper Cones

Few items are so synonymous with cannabis as the joint. For many cannabis consumers, though, the art of rolling a joint does not come naturally. Those who can roll perfectly without fail might as well be nothing short of magicians. Luckily, paper cones have made it possible for even the clumsiest fingers to roll a joint. Paper cones are empty, pre-rolled papers with an open top. Cannabis consumers gather some ground cannabis flower and fill the cone most of the way. Then, with the remaining space available, cones make it as easy as a few twists to have a tightly wrapped joint in a quick minute.

RAW, a leading brand that manufactures hemp and vegan rolling papers, offers a line of cones aptly named RAW Cones. These products manufacture cones in various sizes, from a typical joint to larger-than-average ones sized for a crowd.


Pod Vapes

An outcropping of portable vaporizers, pod vapes are a specific type of device designed to work with pre-filled pods manufactured to work with that device. Pod vapes makes the process of vaporizing cannabis oil straightforward and easy, without the difficulty of manually loading a portable vaporizer and the requirement to clean your device after a session. Pod vapes instead marry the simplicity of a pre-filled cartridge with the functionality of a portable vaporizer, maintaining their advanced features without the added work of maintenance.

The PAX Era is a pod vape that works with the company’s SimpleClick™ pods, which come pre-filled with more than 250 types of cannabis oil from more than 50 extract partners. The pods include a silicone dual-wick system designed to use every drop of oil in the pod. The PAX Era heats instantaneously when you inhale on the device’s mouthpiece. It also auto-regulates the wattage delivered from the battery to preserve the flavor of the pod regardless of how much concentrate material is left.

In addition to these features, the PAX Era is Bluetooth® enabled as well, allowing it to connect to mobile devices via the PAX mobile app. This allows consumers to set the precise temperature across a range of 520°F to 790°F. The PAX Era currently retails at $29.99.


Silicone Dab Containers

For cannabis consumers that prefer concentrated extracts like wax, storage is a common challenge. Wax is often sticky and malleable, making it difficult to handle. Wax also tends to stick to most containers, making it hard to store and even harder to remove when you’re ready to start your next session. Silicone dab containers emerged as a solution to this problem.

Silicone dab containers offer wax consumers an easy, mess-free way to store their concentrated extracts, keeping them fresh and preserving flavor. Unlike glass or acrylic containers, silicone dab containers prevent sticking, making it easy to remove your wax from its container. These containers come in a wide range of colors and styles, offering a way for cannabis consumers of all persuasions to choose a container that suits their personality. Best of all, silicone dab containers tend to be inexpensive, typically costing no more than $10.


Why go in Alone When There are Cannabis Accessories?

Cannabis accessories augment your sessions to make things easier and more practical. Certainly, these accessories aren’t always necessary, but they are useful products that can change your experience for the better. If you feel like your session is lacking something or you just want to try out something different, consider one of these cannabis accessories. You may find that they change your sessions for the better!